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What It Takes to Be Successful

October 7th, 2010 · 4 Comments · Life In General

What It Takes to Be Successful


Everybody wants to be successful, but exactly what does success mean?  To many people success simply means having a lot of money, or living in a big house, or driving a fancy car.  But are these things really success?  Or are they just indicators that someone has been successful?

Many people acquire the big house or the fancy car before they have actually obtained the level of financial success necessary to afford these indicators of success.

Success is not simply having things.  Rather, Success Is Living Your Dreams and Desires, whatever those dreams or desires may be.  Success is being the kind of person you desire to be, doing the things that you desire to do, and having the possessions that you desire to possess.  Moreover, being doing and having what you desire is different for different people.

In other words, Success Is an Individual Measure.  For some people, success may be running a multibillion-dollar international Corporation.  For others it may be running a local business employing 10 workers.  For others still, it may be having a family and raising their kids to be responsible, creative, and happy individuals.

Regardless of what your definition of success may be, there are some very clear, common denominators for what it takes to be successful.  These common denominators are much like the roots of a tree.  If all of your roots are strong, the tree will stand through the worst of storms.  If some of the roots are damaged, missing, or weak – the tree will be weak and will likely fall during a light wind. 

Here are a few of the Common Denominators of Success.

Successful people are Completely Honest.  By honest I mean they see things as they really are, not is someone else would have you believe.  Successful people honestly look at the facts of every situation and then make their own determinations.  They do not simply accept someone else’s opinion as fact.

Successful people also possess great Depth of Vision.  By depth of vision, I mean they can see things for the potential that they have. Successful people can clearly visualize a project, a goal, or a creation in its final form.  They clearly see how they want things to turn out, even if the project won’t be finalized for years to come.  They can clearly see the project as if it had already been completed.

Consistent success also requires great Breath of Vision.  Successful people look beyond their own small personal world.  They are not just concerned with themselves.  They realize that it is about me, but it’s not just about me.  Success requires taking other people, other communities, and other nations into account.  The greater your breath of vision, the greater your success will be.  The more people that you can include in your value creation, the greater your success will be.

In order to achieve your goals you need to know what your goals truly are.  A big part of vision, both depth and breath, is being able to Clearly Define Your Dreams and Desires.  You have to know what you want before you can get it.  Once you have clearly defined your dreams and desires, it must be more than just a wish.  It must be a burning desire not just a simple wish.

Successful people are always Self Leaders.  They do not blindly follow the crowd.  Success requires making your own decisions and going your own way.  Simply following the herd will make you no more successful than the herd in general.

Success requires Strength of Character.  By this I mean that successful people follow through on a commitment long after the excitement and newness of the commitment has passed.  Successful people have a stick to it attitude.  They always finish their projects.  They are committed.

Successful people are Aggressive Towards Their Goals.  This is not to say you have to be aggressive in general or towards other people.  But it does mean that you must work toward your goal in and aggressive, assertive manner.

Working towards your goal aggressively requires a Very High Energy Level.  So another attribute of successful people is that they possess high levels of energy.

Successful people are either in, or they are out.  There is no halfway with success.  Success requires a focused commitment.

All successful people have a Clearly Defined and Established Set of Core Values.  Common among these core values are honesty, integrity, respect, teamwork, leadership, and a commitment to creating value in everything they do.

Success Requires a Knowingness. Successful people just know that they will succeed no matter what challenge is placed in front of them. They just know!

Successful people are also Very Loyal to Those on Their Team, The People Around Them.  They take an active interest in their people and they actively work towards developing the strengths, abilities, and character of their staff.  Leaders are Teachers.  They actively teach those around them to be better and more capable people.

Successful people Never Take Credit for Someone Else’s Work.  In fact, success requires acknowledging the fact that no one can be successful by themselves.  There is no such thing as a self-made man.  There are always people around successful people who have helped to make him successful.  Success requires giving praise and credit to the people that surrounds you.  That praise and credit must be sincere and public.

The Tap Root to Success Is Responsibility.  All successful people, without exception, accept full, complete, and absolute responsibility for everything in their life.  They do not blame others for anything that happens, even if they were not directly responsible for a failure.

Successful people understand that they make their own luck by accepting full responsibility for everything that occurs in their life, both good and bad. By accepting full, complete, and absolute responsibility for everything that occurs in your life, you will naturally begin to develop all of the other common denominators to success such as honesty, vision, leadership, character, aggression, high-energy, commitment, knowingness, loyalty, and teaching ability.

Responsibility is also the character trait that will feed you and nourish you through the absolute worst times in your life.  During a drought, the tap root is what feeds the tree.  In the difficult times of life, it is the acceptance of personal responsibility that will nourish and grow you as a person.

Remember, “Strive to Create Value! Your Possibilities Are Endless!”

Good Investing!

HP Curtis


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  • J Gareeb

    Sorry for my bad english. Thank you so much for your good post. Your post helped me in my college assignment, If you can provide me more details please email me.

  • fenderbirds

    nice article, keep the posts coming

  • bill grant

    the best advise and great reminders.thanks for your value input.bill

  • Claire Racine

    Dear Perry,
    That is so absolutely right!
    You are totally responsible for your own condition, whatever it may be.
    Your success in life depends upon your own integrated and honest evaluation
    of your own life.
    If you create value for yourself and others, you will receive value in exchange.

    I have had times when the simple smile of a child lifted my spirits, rekindled my hope
    and was worth more than a million dollars to me at the time when it was most needed.

    It is not only about money. wealth is a lot more than what you have.

    It is total certainty of who you are, and what good things you can create for others in life.
    That is true success.