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Only Let Good Things Happen To You!

August 6th, 2010 · 1 Comment · Life In General

Only Let Good Things Happen To You!

Life is full of contrast.  There are good things and there are bad things.  There is positive and there is negative.  There are profits and there are losses.  There is love and there is hate.  There is joy and there is despair.  There are also all shades of gray between the good things and the bad things in life.

So how do you navigate your personal & professional life?  How do you navigate your investment opportunities, your social opportunities, your economic opportunities, your family opportunities?  How do you make sure that only good things happen to you?

The answer to these questions is really very simple. 

Get Ready – Here It Is – Drum Roll Please – Major Insight Coming Your Way . . . . . . . . .  There are only good things in life – there are no bad things”.

WHAT!  What did I just say?  There are no bad things?  I must have lost my mind!  Bad things happen all the time!

O.K., I know that might sound crazy.  But hear me out.  There is a point to my madness!

Most people have the same initial reaction when something “Bad” or “Negative” happens to them.  They generally feel confused, fearful, hurt, and angry.

Here are a couple of examples:

Your spouse unexpectedly serves you with divorce papers.  As about 60% of the adult U.S. population knows – at first, you feel confused, and then fearful, then hurt, and then you get angry.

The same thing happens when you have an investment that goes wrong.  First you are confused – “but I knew this would work”.  Next is fear – “I lost my money, what am I going to do?”  Then your ego gets hurt – “how could I have been wrong?”  Then you get angry – either at yourself for being wrong – or at the outside, uncontrollable forces that caused the investment to go south.

Whenever anything “bad” happens in any area your life, you generally go through the same emotional turmoil – confusion, fear, hurt, and anger (or some similar emotional rollercoaster).

The Difference between Successful People & Unsuccessful People.

The difference between people that are always having bad things happen to them and people that seem to never have anything “bad” happen is easy to discern.  

Another Drum Roll Please – Insight On The Way . . . . . . . . . ”It’s the way they handle the emotional rollercoaster”.

Successful people, people that don’t let “bad” things happen to them, feel the emotion of the rollercoaster and then as quickly as possible move on.

Unsuccessful people, people that seem to always have bad things happen, get stuck on that negative rollercoaster.  Even years later, they haven’t moved on.  They are still talking (and thinking) about their “evil ex” or the time they lost everything in the “dot com bust”.

Successful people say to themselves – “Wow, I didn’t see that one coming.”  “What an interesting & challenging situation.”  “I wonder what I missed that could have prevented this bad thing from happening.”  “How can I learn from this so that a similar bad thing won’t happen to me in the future?” 

They look for the opportunities that this “not bad” circumstance creates.

Successful people understand that there really are no “bad” things.  There is good in all circumstances & events – even if they appear “bad”. 

Good & bad, positive & negative, profits & losses, love & hate, joy & despair all create contrast.  Contrast allows you to learn what you like and don’t like.  Contrast allows you to determine what you desire in life – and what you do not desire.   Contrast allows you to turn your back to the things you do not desire – and allows you to focus on the things you do desire.

Being aware of contrast puts you in control of your life.  That contrast (and the way you handle the contrast) makes it possible for you to structure your life so that only good things happen to you.  Even when something happens that may seem negative to someone else (a less successful person), you have the power to say – “This is Interesting” – and then turn the situation around to make it a positive.

 Let me give you a couple of real world examples related to the economy and investments.

Gold – particularly Junior Gold Miners are staged for a rally.

As regular readers know, for a couple of years now, I have been recommending placing a larger than normal percentage of your investment dollars in Gold & Silver.

Gold and Gold Stocks recently experienced a sell off – to the tune of about an 8% fall.  Many of my subscribers have been writing me expressing concern (or should I say confusion, fear, hurt, and anger) about the fall in the value of their gold holdings.

Instead of complaining, my more successful readers are saying, “This is interesting.”  “I didn’t see this one coming.”  “I wonder what opportunities this development will present.” 

Instead, the more inexperienced subscribers  complain.  They are locked into riding that emotional rollercoaster.

In point of fact, I have been advising that a fall in gold values was probable.  A sell-off in the Gold Sector is not unusual.  If you study the historical charts for Gold and Gold Mining Stocks, you will see that the sector is normally very volatile – routinely moving 15% to 20% (sometimes more) in very predictable swings. 

The recent sell-off was predictable and for those that played the downward swing, the sell-off was very profitable as well.  This was one of the opportunities that this seemingly “bad” situation presented.  (Our Investment Advantage Subscribers profited handsomely from our option play in this area.)

Here is another opportunity.  That downward swing in the Gold Sector is nearing an end.  The sector, particularly Junior Gold Minors, appear to be oversold.  Many of the Gold Stocks are trading at or near the lows for the year.  Plus the technicals are beginning to signal a push to the upside.  So if you are still short the Gold Sector, you should consider exiting that position – or bad things might happen to you.

Keep your eye on this sector and have your trades ready.  This should be a great opportunity to profit from an intermediate move in the positive direction.  There are several handsome looking option plays forming.  (For the Investment Advantage Subscribers, be on the lookout for an email over the next few days outlining exactly which option plays are the most favorable.)

This is also a good time to buy physical gold while it is still below its recent highs.  As you know, with the declining value of the dollar (and other paper currencies) having a larger than usual  portion of your investable funds committed to gold and silver is an important hedge against both deflation of asset prices and the upcoming inflationary pressures being exerted by all central banks in the world – especially the U.S. Fed.

If you play this sector the right way, you can make sure that good things come your way.  Only Let Good Things Happen To You!

Here is another example of seeing a positive from a seemingly negative situation.

The Future New Players in the Emerging Markets?

By now, everyone should be familiar with the term BRIC.  BRIC stands for the stars of the emerging markets over the last few years – Brazil, Russia, India, and China.  Once again, I have been receiving complaints from some subscribers because we are no longer receiving the 60% to 120% returns from our BRIC investments.

There is still plenty of room for growth in all of these markets (less so for Russia than the other three).  But the fall in returns is creating contrast.  That contrast is telling us we need to take a look at where the next major growth in emerging markets might be forming.

The next major opportunity might just be with CIVETS.  Here is a list of countries recently highlighted in “The Economists Magazine”.  If you are into acronyms, you can use “CIVETS”.  The six countries are Columbia, Indonesia, Viet Nam, Egypt, Turkey, and South Africa.

Each of the countries has some good things going for them – relative political stability, a young & large population, diversified economies, and fairly good financial systems.  Additionally, they do not suffer from sovereign debt problems, high inflationary pressure, or trade imbalances.

I’m not jumping out on a limb here and recommending making large investments in these countries at this point.  But I am focusing research efforts here and will in all likelihood be making some recommendations in the future.  I suggest that you do the same.

Always look for the opportunities that seeming “negative” or “bad” situations present.  Always say to yourself, “This is Interesting.”  “I know that things will turn out perfect for me.”  “I will only let good things happen to me.”

By taking control of your thinking, your actions, and your life you can assure that you – “Only Let Good Things Happen To You.”

Always Remember – “Strive To Create Value!  Your Possibilities Are Endless!”

Good Investing,

H. Perry Curtis


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  • claire

    Yes, Perry,
    Life is full of contrast and surprises. Sometimes you can surprise your self by the way you handle the things which life presents to you everyday.
    It will send you on a temporary emotional “roller coaster” if you allow it to do so.
    Good and bad are only an opinion of the observer and have no basis in fact.
    When my vehicle broke down, at an inopportune time and I had very limited funds to fix it, it seemed bad for me but it turned out to be a good thing for an out of work mechanic who was creative and fixed it for the funds I had available.
    The outcome was beneficial for both of us.
    How you view events which happen to you in life
    will often determine if you become the problem or if you are the solution to the problem.
    You can quit in apathy and do nothing and go into “victim” mode, or you can be a self-leader, take charge of the situation and handle it.
    Action, in any situation, is always better than inaction.
    It is the perfect way to only let good things happen to you. If you feel stopped, it means it is time to think and find another direction to overcome the barriers life will erect in front of you. Life is telling you to take action in another direction. Sometimes it is best to listen, research, and find the best way to go to solve the situation.
    Action and timing is the key to good investing.
    You always give excellent advice on that.